Cold Snap

  • Hello there, we have some cold weather at last, Just what we need, to kill of the bugs.

    I hope that you are all well and not suffering to much with these bad colds and so forth that are going around.

    I had a little taster the other weekend, but soon got over it. I believe that a good hot play in the boudoir will cure all sorts, even down to stress.

    I had some engagements last week which I had to travel to, I left Bedford with only a very small dress on and just stockings on, being a devil I arrived with a coat over the top, but the client was very surprised, then onto the next one where he was quite shocked to think that I would travel like that, Just as well that I did’nt break down or got caught speeding, as Mr plod would have had a wonderful surprise, but so much fun.

    If your looking for fun next week just look me up.

    See you soon

    Love Nicola xx